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Empress Menen GoddessWear

The Empress Menen GoddessWear


In 2009 the Jamaican-German fashion designer Tabatap introduced the Empress Menen design within her work. As a Rastafarian woman, she felt the need to bring the portrait of the Empress more to the forefront and created a portrait print design. From there, Tabatap began creating a range of Empress Menen shirts, skirts, and dresses that have been used extensively in her work for over a decade.


Now in a creative partnership with The Goddess Art Temple we bring you "The Empress Menen GoddessWear", this line is a celebration of "Rasta Goddess Roots & Culture" !!!

Celebrate Empress Menen, historic Empress of Ethiopia, Africa, with a stylish range of modern attire and adornments full of feminine magic and ancestral expression.


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