The African Yoga Box is a subscription box for lovers of Smai Tawi / Kemetic Yoga. Kemetic Yoga is the ancient African yoga enlightment system based on the practices of physical movement combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation. It is an over 7000 year old African spiritual practice from the Nile Valley! In addition to my work as a designer, I am also a certified Kemetic Yoga teacher = Basu of the system "Thef Sema Paut Neteru" by Dr. Muata Ashby and Dr. Karen Ashby.


I want to bring more awareness and wellbeing to the world with this carefully curated box that enabled me to combine my creative aspects with those of healing! Each month a different topic will offer a different attitude. A brochure with an illustration and description of the posture and all of its meaning. I will also be posting a new video every month explaining and showing the attitude, here on my website and also on my YouTube channel. There is also a fashionable item made of African fabrics from Tabatap every month as well as other goodies around the monthly theme, preferably black / African artisans / designers. The African Yoga Box will give you a special experience. Immerse yourself with us in the world of Smai Tawi / Kemetic Yoga !! ANKH, UDJA, SENEB ~ LIFE, PROSPERITY, HEALTH Hetep ~~

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The OCTOBER Box is coming!!

September Box

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